11:45 - September 25, 2017
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – London’s mayor accused Donald Trump of adopting the language of Daesh and "playing their game” by adopting the terror group’s clash of civilizations rhetoric.

Sadiq Khan: Trump’s Language about Muslims Is Similar to Isis Rhetoric

Speaking at a Guardian Live event at the Labor party conference in Brighton, Sadiq Khan said he was a "reluctant participant” in the continuing hostility between himself and the US president.

But Khan made it clear that he was offended by Trump’s call for a ban on Muslims and the US president’s claim that he would make an exception for the Labor politician.

"My view was firstly ‘I’m not exceptional’ and secondly ‘Think about what you are saying.’ Because what you are saying is not dissimilar to what Daesh or so-called IS says.

"They say that there is a clash of civilizations, it is not possible to be a Muslim and a westerner, and the west hates us. And you are inadvertently playing their game, you are helping them.”

Speaking to the Guardian’s editor-in-chief, Katharine Viner, Khan praised the contribution American Muslims had made to the country, including as students, artists and politicians.

He said Trump’s ban on travelers from a number of Muslim-majority countries gave the "wrong impression” of the religion.

"I’m a westerner, but also a very proud Muslim. There are some people who want to divide our communities – I’m not going to let them,” Khan said.

Source: The Guardian

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