15:20 - September 19, 2012
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Afghan protesters have once again held a demonstration in eastern Afghanistan against a blasphemous anti-Islam film produced in the United States.
On Wednesday, about 1,000 angry people and university students in Nangarhar Province expressed their outrage against the film that insults Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The protesters chanted, “Death to America” and “Death to enemies of Islam.”
The demonstrators also blocked a main road to the capital, Kabul.
A similar demonstration was held on Tuesday, as hundreds of people gathered in the northern province of Konduz. Police clashed with the protesters who were also calling on US-led forces to leave Afghanistan.
In addition, about 1,000 protesters gathered outside the US embassy in Kabul on September 17. Afghan police opened fire to disperse the demonstrators.
Over the past days, thousands of protesters have held anti-US demonstrations across Afghanistan to voice their anger over the insulting film.
Demonstrations against the movie have been held across the Muslim world, with the protesters in some countries marching on the US embassies and torching US flags.
In Libya, angry protesters attacked the US consulate in the eastern city of Benghazi last week and set fire to the consulate building, while gunmen and security forces clashed.
The violence led to the killing of US Ambassador Chris Stevens, two former Navy SEALs and a State Department worker.
Source: Press TV
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