9:24 - October 18, 2015
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – A senior Lebanese cleric described Ashura as a sublime school which manifests all Islamic values.

Speaking to IQNA, Sayyed Jafar Fadlallah said although the uprising of Imam Hussein (AS) and the event of Ashura happened in a limited period of time, the movement contains all values and teachings of Islam.
He added that all of the faithful, no matter following which religion or sect, should benefit from the virtues and teachings of this uplifting school.
The senior scholar at Islamic Sharia Research Center in Beirut also stressed that preachers and eulogists should use the Ashura mourning ceremonies as an opportunity for enhancing Islamic unity.
The uprising of Imam Hussein (AS) focused on the theme of Tawhid (monotheism) and revolved around fighting injustice and oppression, Fadlallah further stated.
He noted that the issue of spreading justice and combating injustice is something that attracts followers of all faiths.
The cleric went on to say that Ashura mourning ceremonies should not be limited to elegies but the objectives of Imam Hussein (AS) uprising should also be clarified for the mourners. 
Shia Muslims, and others in different parts of the world, have been holding ceremonies starting from Thursday, to mourn the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (AS) and his companions in the month of Muharram.

Imam Hussein (AS) and a small group of his followers and family members were martyred by the tyrant of his time - Yazid Bin Moaweya.

They were martyred in the battle of Karbala on Ashura- the tenth day of Muharram which is the first month on the lunar calendar.

Muharram mourning ceremonies reach their climax at noon on Ashura.

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