21:34 - May 10, 2018
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Kuala Lumpur (IQNA) – Mokktar Dehqan, Iran’s representative at Malaysia’s 60th international Quran competition went on the stage at the contest to showcase his Quranic talents on Thursday.


According to IQNA dispatches, he recited verses 59 to 66 of the Holy Quran’s Surah al-Nisa.

Seyed Javad Sadat Fatemi, an Iranian Quran expert who is accompanying Dehqan at the competition as a guide, told IQNA that he was happy with the Qari’s performance.

He said it went as planned except for a few points related to Tajweed principles.    

“All in all, the performance of our country’s representative was satisfactory,” he added.

Iranian Cultural Attaché Ali Mohammad Sabeqi, head of Iran’s Quran TV and a number of Iranian embassy staff were present at the competition hall on Thursday.

Other Qaris performing their recitation on Thursday were from Algeria, South Africa, Morocco, Myanmar, the US, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The international Quranic event, which began in Kuala Lumpur on Monday, will conclude on Saturday.

It is being held in the categories of Quran recitation and memorization in the men and women sections.

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