9:56 - May 15, 2018
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – The Turkish translation of Al-Mizan Exegesis of the Holy Quran has been received well by academic scholars in Turkey.


This is according to an official with the Turkish Publications Kawthar, who told IQNA that copies of the grand work have been sent to most of the universities and academic centers in Turkey.

Mehdi Birdal said Kawthar Publications has published the translation and donated it to universities across the country.

“Many university scholars have contacted us to say that they have benefited a lot from the book.”

Al-Mizan Exegesis of the Holy Quran by late Allameh Seyyed Mohammad Hossein Tabatabaei is one of the major Quran interpretations in the Islamic world.

The prominent Shia cleric worked on the twenty-volume Quranic exegesis for almost two decades, from 1954 to 1972.

Turkey’s Kawthar Publications attended the 31st edition of Tehran International Book Fair, which wrapped up on Saturday.

Speaking to IQNA at the exhibition last week, Mr. Birdal said the publications was founded in 1992 to translate and publish Shia book in Turkish.

He noted that some 98 percent of Turkey’s population is Muslim and that from among them, some 3 million are Shia Muslims.


 Translation of Al-Mizan Quran Exegesis Received Well in Turkey   


The Kawthar Publications has published many Shia books in Turkish over the past years, he said.

They include Al-Mizan Exegesis, Nahj-ul-Balaqa, and Sahifeh Sajjadiyeh, as well as works by Shia clerics such as Morteza Motaharri and Mohsen Qara’ati, he added.

As for translation of the Quran, Birdal said there are 28 Quran translations in Turkish.


Translation of Al-Mizan Quran Exegesis Received Well in Turkey   


He said there was only one translation by a Shia scholar, Abdul Baqir Gulpinarli, until a few years ago but its language was archaic.

According to Birdal, another translation by a Turkish Shia scholar named Morteza Torabi was published in 2009.



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