14:44 - July 30, 2018
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TEHARN (IQNA) – An annual summer camp for Russian Muslim students has opened in Saratov region near the Volga.


The religious and recreational camp for Russian Muslim children from across the country was opened on Wednesday.

The boys attending the camp engage in sport activities, hiking trips and various cultural events.

They also take lessons on reading and recitation of the Quran, religious teachings, Hadiths, and ethics, among other things.  

Some 210 boys between 7 and 14 years of age have gathered at the camp this year.

An identical annual camp for Muslim girls is due to be held in the same place in August.

There are around 25 million Muslims in Russia today, a rise of 40 per cent since 1989.

By 2020, with the continued growth rate, Muslims will account for one-fifth of the entire population.  


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