12:39 - September 01, 2018
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – A Quran memorization course titled “Al-Mahirah” will be held for women by “Wa-Rattil” Quran Teaching Office affiliated to Al-Najah Charity Association in Kuwait.



According to rasid news agency, the “Huffaz Al-Bayan” Center in Yarmouk region will host the educational program starting from September 16.

Tariq Abdullah, director of the office, said that the course, which will include elementary and advanced levels, has been planned for women aged above 18

The elementary classes will be held for those who are not familiar with Tajweed and have not memorized Quranic verses so far.

The memorizers of 25 or more Juzes of the Quran who know Tajweed principles are eligible to take the advanced course.

The director added that a Quran reading session has also been planned for the participants in the course to read the entire Quran.

He added that 20 women Quran memorizers have graduated from the center so far.

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